The Prog Hour on Wed 11/11/15

Artist Title Album Label
Opeth Eternal Rains Will Come Pale Communion 2014
Ayreon The Theory of Everything, Parts 1,2,3 The Theory of Everything 2013
Cynic True Hallucination Speak Kindly Bent to Free Us 2014
Dream Theater Behind The Veil Dream Theater 2013
By The End of Tonight Setting Sail In April A Tribute to Tigers 2005
Hungria Noventa y Siete por Ciento Fjoplavi 2014
Explosions in the Sky Catastrophe and the Cure (Four Tet mix) All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone 2007
Kokomo Kaputt Finker Kokomo 2013
Nektar Astronaut's Nightmare Journey To The Center Of The Eye 1971
Gryphon Raindance Raindance 1975
Henry Cow Bitter Storm Over Ulm Unrest 1974
Kayak Said No Word Royal Bed Bouncer 1975
Golden Earring Latin Lightning To The Hilt 1976
Fred Chaos In The Conservatory Notes on a Picnic 1974
Alcatraz Piss Off Vampire State Building 1971
Indian Summer God is the Dog Indian Summer 1971
Plum Nelly Deception Deceptive Lines 1971

The Prog Hour

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The aim of The Prog Hour is to present progressive rock music from the absolute broadest perspective. Featuring artists that dared take at least one step beyond the basic rock 'n roll formula and celebrates that extra spark of creativity.
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