The Prog Hour on Wed 11/18/15

Artist Title Album Label
Junipher Greene Try To Understand Friendship 1971
OKO Raskorak Raskorak 1976
Jane Spain Together 1972
Golden Earring Kill Me (Ce Soir) Switch 1975
The Flower Kings World of Adventures, Part 1 Back In The World of Adventures 1994
Wigwam For America Tombstone Valentine 1970
Horslips Dusk/Sword of Light/Dark The Book of Invasions 1976
Fish Faithhealer Raingods with Zippos 1999
Teska Industrijia Grijeh Zasviraj I Za Pojas Zadjeni 1978
Fuzzy Duck More Than I Am Fuzzy Duck 1971
Odin Gemini Odin 1972
Storm I've Gotta Tell You Mama The Storm 1974
Fields A Friend of Mine Fields 1971
Riverside I Turned You Down Second Life Syndrome 2005
Embryo Tausendfussler Embryo's Rache 1971
Solaris A Viking Visszater Solaris 1990 1990
Circus Room For Sale, Part 2 Circus 1976
Le Orme Collage Collage 1971
Pulsar Pulsar Pollen 1975
Popol Vuh Wurfelspiel Einsjager & Sibenjager 1974

The Prog Hour

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The aim of The Prog Hour is to present progressive rock music from the absolute broadest perspective. Featuring artists that dared take at least one step beyond the basic rock 'n roll formula and celebrates that extra spark of creativity.
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