The Prog Hour on Wed 4/20/16

Artist Title Album Label
Mogul Thrash St. Peter Mogul Thrash 1971
Gordon Haskell No Meaning It Is And It Isn't 1971
Family Between Blue and Me Fearless 1971
Family Take Your Partner Fearless 1971
Brian Eno Baby's On Fire Here Come The Warm Jets 1973
Peter Banks Knights (Reprise) Two Sides Of Peter Banks 1973
King Crimson Easy Money Lark's Tongues In Aspic Live in Zurich, November 15, 1973
King Crimson We'll Let You Know Starless And Bible Black 1974
King Crimson The Mincer Starless and Bible Black 1974
Uriah Heep Return to Fantasy Return to Fantasy 1975
Phil Manzanera Same Time Next Week Diamond Head 1975
Roxy Music Out Of The Blue Viva! 1976
UK The Only Thing She Needs Live in Cleveland 1978
UK Thirty Years UK 1978
Steve Hackett The Court of the Crimson King The Tokyo Tapes 1998
Airlord Ladies of the Night Clockwork Revenge 1977
The Bob Lazar Story Alive In The Mullet Zone Space Roots 2012
Ragnarok Five New Years Nooks 1976
Schtung Soldier Schtung 1977
Think Rippoff We'll Give You a Buzz 1976

The Prog Hour

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The aim of The Prog Hour is to present progressive rock music from the absolute broadest perspective. Featuring artists that dared take at least one step beyond the basic rock 'n roll formula and celebrates that extra spark of creativity.
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