The Prog Hour on Wed 5/18/16

Artist Title Album Label
Sensational Alex Harvey Band Rock Drill/The Dolphins Rock Drill 1977
The Aristocrats Pig's Day Off Tres Caballeros 2015
The Aristocrats And Finally Culture Clash 2013
Joe Satriani Shockwave Supernova Shockwave Supernova 2015
Joe Satriani Lost In A Memory Shockwave Supernova 2015
Joe Satriani Stars Race Across The Sky Shockwave Supernova 2015
Steven Wilson The Watchmaker (Live) The Raven That Refused to Sing 2013
Storm Corrosion Happy Storm Corrosion 2012
Porcupine Tree Anesthetize (Part 1) Fear Of A Blank Planet 2007
Mariusz Duda & Steven Wilson The Old Peace - 2015
IEM Headphone Dust IEM 1996
kha-ym Balance 10" GMT 1979
Nyl Nyl Nyl 1976
Skryvania Raid Skryvania 1977
Pentacle L'âme du guerrier La clé des songes 2014
Eden Rose Faster and Faster On The Way To Eden 1970
Mörglbl L'ami Deglingo Grötesk 2007
no man Time Travel In Texas (Live) Mixtaped 2009

The Prog Hour

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The aim of The Prog Hour is to present progressive rock music from the absolute broadest perspective. Featuring artists that dared take at least one step beyond the basic rock 'n roll formula and celebrates that extra spark of creativity.
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