The Prog Hour on Wed 6/15/16

Last Show of the Term!
Show #62
Last Show for the Summer!

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Artist Title Album Label
The Wilde Flowers Impotence The Wilde Flowers 1965-1969
The Wilde Flowers Those Words They Say The Wilde Flowers 1965-1969
The Wilde Flowers Memories The Wilde Flowers 1965-1969
Delivery We Were Satisfied Fools Meeting 1970
Daevid Allen Stoned Innocent Frnkenstein Banana Moon 1971
Gong The Isle of Everywhere (Part 2) You 1974
Caravan Austin Cambridge (Part 1) - 1972
Soft Machine Nettle Bed Seven 1973
Matching Mole Instant Kitten Matching Mole 1972
Hatfield & The North Under Dub The Rotter's Club 1975
Egg Wring Out The Ground The Civil Surface 1974
Khan Stargazers Space Shanty 1972
Gilgamesh Play Time Another Fine Tune You've Gotten Me Into 1978
Phil Miller Final Call Split Seconds 1989
National Health Binocular (Part 2) Of Queues and Cures 1978
The Cosmic Jokers Galactic Joke (a) The Cosmic Jokers 1974
Arachnoid Toutes ces images Same 1979
Ange Exode Au dela du délire 1974
Atoll Le Voleyr D'extase L' Araignee Mal 1975

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The aim of The Prog Hour is to present progressive rock music from the absolute broadest perspective. Featuring artists that dared take at least one step beyond the basic rock 'n roll formula and celebrates that extra spark of creativity.
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