Eric Goes To College on Wed 4/5/17

Artist Title Album New Local
Minneapolis Uranium Club That Clown's Got a Gun All of Them Naturals
Wire Outdoor Miner Chairs Missing
The Magnetic Fileds '81 How To Play The Synthesizer 50 Song Memoir
Big Eyes Stake My Claim Stake My Claim
The Damned Problem Child Music for Pleasure
Royal Headache Psychotic Episode Royal Headache
Big Star Mod Lang Radio City
Maps & Atlases You and Me and The Mountain You and Me and The Mountain
East River Pipe Miracle Man Red Hot & Bothered
Dominic Circular Sign Goodnight, Doggies.
Tim Schmied Gone Away Pending
Subzero Fun

Eric Goes To College

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Eric Goes To College is the perfect combination of punk rock, indie rock, with some surprises inbetween. Like Chex Mix