The Music of Sound on Wed 2/13/19

Super Funk Wednesday, you can hear the full playlist all over again on
Check out our Thrifty Disco Event this Saturday at Philly AIDS Thrift benefitting Qunify
Jawnre will also be having a Funk/Disco Dance party this Saturday at The Sewing Factory.


Artist Title Album
Betty Davis This Is It Nasty Gal
Robert Parker Get Ta' Stepin
Moody Scott (We Gotta) Bust Out of the Ghetto
Ripple A Funky Song
Lee Dorsey Night People
Johnnie Taylor I Want to Get Into You
Haircut 100 Ski Club of Great Britain
The Fantastic Aleems Hooked On Your Love (John Morales Mix)
Brick Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody
Patrice Rushen Haven't You Heard
George Benson Give Me the Night
Claudja Barry Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes
Killing Joke Adorations Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
Xmal Deutschland Mondlicht Tocsin
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Walking On Your Hands Talk About the Weather/Paint Your Wagon
Ex-Voto Never Again Don't Look Back
Another Sunny Day Anorak City London Weekend
Stiv Bators It's Cold Outside L.A. Confidential
Rudi Big Time The Singles
U.K. Subs Stranglehold The Gem Singles
The Randoms Let's Get Rid of New York
Zero Boys Civilization's Dying Vicious Circle
Nowhere Squares Quit It! All Messed Up & Nowhere To Go
Golden Drag Super Champs Theme Song Pink Sky
Amyl and the Sniffers Balaclava Lover Boogie Big Attraction
The Marked Men Ghosts Ghosts
Devil Master Black Flame Candle Satan Spits on Children of Light
Blank Spell Plastic Devil Miasma
The P'ids Head Down Demo
Potion 200 Oblivion Parade Ask The Angels b/w Oblivion Parade
The Goodbye Party Louder Than Summer Silver Blues

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