The Music of Sound on Wed 10/9/19

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Reverend Jamel Walking On The Moon
Larry Ellis Funky Thing - Pt. 1
Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised The Revolution
Funkadelic Freak of the Week Uncle Jam Wants You
Little Beaver Party Down - Pt. 1 Party Down
Graham Central Station I Can't Stand the Rain Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt-It
The Brothers Johnson Ain't We Funkin' Now Blam
The Undisputed Truth Higher THan High Higher Than High
Krisma C. Rock Chinese Restaurant
Oto Anyway Cold Waves
Gina X Performance No G.D.M. 7" edit Nice Mover
Fearing Black Sand Black Sand
Pawns Herxing The Gallows
Ceremony We Can Be Free In The Spirit World Now
Suicide Cheree Suicide
Mannequin Pussy High Horse Patience
Oh Sees The Experimenter Face Stabber
Lightning Bolt All Insane Sonic Citadel
Pinkwash Longer Now Collective Sigh
Leather Relapse Sterile
Haram Where Were You on 9/11? Where Were You on 9/11?
The Stutter Stutter/Cackle S/T
Slab City La Tierra Regina Delle Streghe Austerity Realm
The Paranoyds Laundry Carnage Bargain
Mean Jeans I Fell Into a Bog Gigantic Sike
Hotline TNT Trinity Fireman's Carry
Potion 200 Oblivion Parade Ask The Angels b/w Oblivion Parade
False Tracks Rattlesnake Either World
Blowdryer Insulated S/T
Peach Kelli Pop Halloween Mask Halloween Mask 7"
Radiator Hospital Absolutely Positive Play the Songs You Like Salinas

The Music of Sound

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Everything from Funk/Soul/Disco to New Wave/Psych/Post-Punk, even the occasional Doom/Hip-Hop/Country. The Music of Sound wakes you up with a listen through the decades, finding all the rhythms and beats that make you move.
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