Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 10/22/19

73 - Eating Blood in the Neighboorhood

Artist Title Album New
Gatecreeper Barbaric Pleasures Deserted
Chrome Skulls War Stories
Blueprint Next to You Here to Please
Diztort Deceit Demo
Blades Xpam S/T
Cold Curse Destroyer of My Enemy Violent Measure
Meth Leppard Krokodil Dundee Meth Leppard / Minimum Wage Assassins SPLIT
Spinebreaker The Cost of Innocent Life Promo 2019
Romasa Grateful for Filfth Cheering Death
Crematory Beneath the Crypts Wrath from the Unknown
Tormentor Trance Anno Domini
High Command Labyrinth of Pain The Primordial Void
Grave Titan Consume Spirit Demo 2019
Old Scratch Wipeout (surfaris cover) LIVE ON WKDU
Scattered Remains Profanation of Christ Procreating Mass Carnage
SNET Obří kat Promo 2019
Mammoth Grinder Lunar Mass Lunar Mass Si
Archgoat Black Crusade The Whore of Babylon
Bathym Palace of Belial Into Darkness Demo 1990
Master Slaves to Society Slaces to Society
Mortem End of a Christian Era Demon Tales
Sorcery Unholy Crusade + Death Unholy Crusade Demo 1989
Nirvana 2002 Slumber Disembodied Spirits
Immortal Possession Gut Plucker Mass Murder Demo
Shub Niggurath Intro/NIghtmares From Beyond Horror Creatures Demo 1990
Exulceration Agothocles Exulceration/Putrid Offal Split
Mutilated Hysterical Corpse Dislocation Psychodeath Lunatics
Death Yell Confessions after Death Vengeance from Darkness Demo
First Days of Humanity Stomach Full of Rancid Meat Remains
First Days of Humanity Poisoned during attempts at foriging Caves

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