Malthusian Blues on Sun 11/3/19

Special Guest DJ Andrew Chalfen

Artist Title Album Label New
Bitchin Bajas Angels and Demons at Play Bajas Fresh
Khotin Dwellberry
Stein Urheim Water Pt. 1 Strandebarm
Lightbath Returning Selected Public Works, Vol. 4
Tweedy High as Hello Sukierae
Jessica Pratt Poly Quiet Signs
Steve Gunn New Familiar In Between
Bananafish Do Yeah Do Yeah
Philip Corhan Artistic Heritage Ensemble
Buri Baalal Afel Boboum Festival in the Desert
Roger and the Gypsies Pass the Hatchet Pt. 1
Keith Mansfield Orchestra Boogaloo
School of Language Rockist Pt. 4 Sea from Shore
Brownout Louder Than a Bomb Fear of a Brown Planet (2018)
Don Randi Trio She Said She Said
Andy Partridge Then She Appeared Fuzzy Warbles v. 2
Pernice Brothers Always in All Ways Spread the Feeling
Lilys More That That Is Deserved
Trust Punks Good Luck with That Double Bind
Erma Franklin I Don't Want No Mama's Boy
The Suburbs Tape Your Wife to the Ceiling
Flasher Pressure Constant Image
The Revlons The Way (You Touched My Hand) Ork Records: New York New York Ork Records
The Spires My Umbrella Fills with Rain Forever City Chorus
These Early Mornings Again single
Cate Le Bon Mother's Mother's Magazines Reward
Glass Eye Glass Eye Marlo (ep)
Juana Molina Sin dones Halo
Makaya McCraven Inner Flight Universal Beings
Secret Circuit Crazy Ways Out of Body Interiors (2018)
Baikonour Tchad '74 (Legionnaires)
The Embers Peter Gunn Cha-Cha Wynne
Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsborg Contact 1968
Jerry Byrd Theme for a DJ
Business of Dreams I Feel Dread Ripe for Anarchy
Beth Orton Shopping Trolley Comfort of Strangers
Wurden & Pfeiffer Mineral Feinherb
Japancakes Soon Loveless
Tiny Ruins How Much Olympic Girls
Mike Cooper Kokoke Nalu Rayon Hula (15th Anniv Edition)
Lucky Dragons Mercy

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Looking as limp as Monday morning.