let's talk about boys on Mon 11/18/19

Artist Title Album New Local
Utro N/A First Album
P.H.F. I Hate Myself I Hate Myself
Lala Lala Dream Song Sleepyhead
Guerilla Toss Future Doesn't Know What Would the Odd do?
Fuzz Sunderberry Dream Sunderberry Dream
Girl Band Caveat The Talkies
Meatbodies Disorder Meatbodies
Tobacco Overheater Maniac Meat
Soulwax Is It Always Binary FROM DEEWEE
Peggy Gou Han Jan Han Jan
Mr. Fingers Mystery of Love Amnesia
Bride Come Thou Fount Mystery Green Vinyl
Triathalon I Want It Cold Shower
Jack Stauber's Micropop Doctor Slide
The Stargazer Lillies Let's Kill Time Octabot
Paranoid London Light Tunnel Paranoid London
Omni Moat Networker
The Symposium Poison Drugs
New Circle Empty EP
Oatmeal Oatmeal Virgin Energy
The Red Pears Hello-sin-Nation WE Bring Anything to the table... except tables we can't bring tables to the table
Black midi bmbmbm Schlagenheim
Gorgeous Bully Misery Loves Company Smiling, Laughing
Witch Coast Burnt Out by 3PM Burnt out by 3PM
Palm Walkie Talkie Shadow Expert
Salem 66 love and truth a ripping spin
Shameface Health Health
Surf Curse Disco Heaven Surrounds you
Vundabar Tonight I'm Wearing Silk Jam in the Van

let's talk about boys

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Music you listen to at your post semi-formal 6th grade dance sleepover.
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