Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 11/19/19


Artist Title Album Label New Local
Tormentor Damned Grave Anno Domini
Sathanas Entering the Diabolic Trinity Entering the Diabolic Trinity
Death Yell Descent into Hell Descent into Hell
Abraded The Bogwitch Descendants of the swamp
Unurnment An Eternity of Regrets Defiled Spiritual Penury
Gutless Boiled Alive Mass Extinction
Schizoid Schizoid You're to Blame
Infected Virulence The Darkening Music of Melkor Raw Skull Records
Ancient The Impaler The Old Dark Tyrrany
Defiled Tragedy Infinite Regress
Gatecreeper Barbaric Pleasures Deserted
Ekpyrosis The Abysmal Chapter In the Grip of Death
Lost Realm The Sacrificial Lair Demo 2019
Aseptic I Roy Away Cascading Fluids
Graceless Ruins of Desolation Grond-Graceless Raw Skull Records
Skullcrush Monumental Tomb Archaic Towers of Annihlation Raw Skull Records
Altar Psycho Damn And God Created Satan to Blame for his Mistakes Raw Skull Records
Deceitome Rhythm of Eternity Flux of Ruin Raw Skull Records
Sulfuric Cautery Parasitic Acidophilla Chainsaws Clogged With The Underdeveloped Brain Matter Of Xenophobes
Weedeous Mincer 666 Pack of Weed split with Aligrindtr & Disemboweler
Bouquet But the doctor said that part of the island was forbidden Split w/ Analkholic
First Days of Humanity Poisoned During Attempts at Foraging Caves
Cist Incubation The Frozen Casket Reforestation Records
KHNVM Heathen Beast Foretold Monuments of Flesh Testimony Records
Infiltration Repentance Sacrificial Combat
Wretched Fate Taker of Souls Fleshsetting
SILURE Le Saut de l'Ange Route de Troche
Bathym Amputate Demonic Force EP
Disgusted Geist Manipulated Perception Reign of Enthrallment
Pissgrave Catacombs of Putrid Chambers Posthumous Humiliation
Outerheaven What Lies Beneath Realms of Eternal Decay

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