Only the Worst on Fri 11/22/19


Artist Title Album New Local
Brand New Not the Sun The Devil and God Are Raging Inside
Brand New Welcome to Bangkok The Devil and God Are Raging Inside
The Frights All I Need You Are Going to Hate This
Iguana Death Cult Half Frysian Nude Casino
Rocket 808 Rocket 808 Rocket 808
Debris Merger Merger
Labyrinth Surf Curse Heaven Surrounds You
Lumen Sid & Nancy Bez Konservantov
Revive Oczekiwania Red Version
Oso Oso the view basking in the glow
Kill Vargas Midnight Fools Laugh It Off
Happysad Jak Dawniej Jak Dawniej single
Origami Angel Escape Rope Somewhere City
Iguana Death Cult Nude Casino Nude Casino
Hanako Dusznosc Powiedz Mi, Ze To Przetrwasz
Grazhdanskaya Oborona Ya Ne Veryu v Anarhiyu Zdorovo i Vechno
Big Thief Forgotten Eyes Two Hands
James Blunt Cold Once Upon a Mind

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