let's talk about boys on Mon 12/9/19

Artist Title Album New Local
Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks Theme- Instrumental Tein Peaks Soundtrack
Molchat Doma N/A
T.S.O.L Red Shadows T.S.O.L.
The Ire Katabasis Demo
Dag Nasty Circles Can I Say
X I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts More Fun In the New World
Common Icon Seld Defense Self Defense
Twin Peaks Strawberry Smoothie Wild Onion
Strange Weekend Death on the Stairs Did I see you?
TogetherPANGEA Cat Man Badillac
Guerilla Toss Land Where Money's Nightmare Lives What Would The Odd Do?
The Real Sickies Psycho Hop Demo
Metropolis Public Access T.V. Public Access
Boyo Wake Up You Don't See Me
Duster Letting Go Letting Go
Stevie Dinner The Boy who Fell to Earth Ready Dine
Slow Pulp Slow pulp Ep2
Backpack Joe Heart Beat Heart Beat
Plums Fine Madeline Jen
Balue Man in the Sixties Quiet Dreamer
Pavement Major Leagues Terror Twilight
Surf Curse Safe Heaven Surrounds You
Black Marble Private Show Bigger than Life
Elephant Gym Intro Angle
Cayetana Scott, Get in the Van, I'm Moving Nervous Like Me
Bleached Think of You Carter
Dirt Hiroshima The Crass Years
Veruca Salt Seether American Thighs
Daringer Omicido Baker's Dozen
Joao Gilberto Wave Amoroso
Corridor Topographe Junior
Earthboy Bandaid Bandaid + Chaser

let's talk about boys

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Music you listen to at your post semi-formal 6th grade dance sleepover.
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