Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 1/7/20

82 - 2020 What's so funny?

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Mourning Sacred Profanity Reh. Demo
Mephitic Corpse Drinking Liquid Rot Immense Thickening Vomit Terrible Mutilation Records
Musmahhu Apocalyptic Brigade of Forbidden Realms Formulas of Rotten Death Iron Bonehead Productions
Mourned Corridors of Cain Devoured Humanity MAGGOT STOMP
Malignant Altar Nephilim Burial Retribution of Jealous Gods MAGGOT STOMP
Undeath Pursued then Consumed Sentient Autolysis
Skullcrush Voice of the Abhorred Dread Achaic Towers of Annihlation Raw Skull Recordz
Putrid Coffin Utopian Tale Under the Cemetery Australis Records
Internal Rot Nose in Neck Mental Hygiene BLASTASFUK
Putresect Euphoric Insanity Cascading Inferno Blood Harvest/Helter Skelter Productions
Mazzatello Idolators Burned in Retribution for Blasphemy Punishment of Amputation and Beheading (demo)
Molder Parasitic Drain Necrobiome
Infernal Diety Abaddon Id Doesn't Live
Putrid Tomb Consuming the Diseased Consuming the Diseased Desert Wasteland Productions
Putrescine Entropy The One Reborn Tirdoid Records
Engrossed Crawling Maggots Initial Decay
Wharf Lurch Interstellar Sarcophagus Demo 2019
Golem of Gore Eternal Putrefactive Love Golem of Gore/Putrid Stu split:Intracranial Fungal Infection Terrible Mutliation Records
Foul Decay Mass Vortex of a Rotting Dimension Suilled as they are by rot and putrifaction Sewer Rot Records
Squalid Dug up and Boiled Down Demo 2020
Phantasmagore Asimilation of the Intruder Cell Abominations... Burning Coffin Records
Vomit Forth Immortal Disseverance Northeastern Deprivation Maggot Stomp
Frozen Soul Merciless Encased in Ice Maggot Stomp
Decrepit Cadaver The Reanimator The Concept of Murder Rotten Cemetery Records
Dysphotic Aura of Insanity The Eternal Throne Entelodon Records
Deeds of Flesh Execute the Anthropophagi Path of the Weakening Unique Leader Records
Sentenced Disengagement Shadows of the Past Century Media Records
Ossuarium Deleterious Mutation Calcified Trophies of Violence Analog Death Recordings
Electrocution Ghost of Past Inside the Unreal Contempo Records

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