Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 2/4/20

86 - Knee Skinner

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Plague Inersperse Portaits of the Mind Redefining Darkness
Faen Demenica Yuhkio
Cop Grinder Infinite threat Demo 2018
Concrete Caveman Bottom Feeder Demo 2020
Carnal Tomb Dormant Cadavers Descend Final Gate Records
Ritual Decay Alive Cutting Can they suffer? Bound By Modern Age Records
Blood Scares of Soul Christbait 1MF Recordz
Fratricide Festering Effluvium Horribile Deformities Sunken Tomb Records
Meatal Ulcer Why Won't It Die? Why Won't It Die? Cadaveric dissolution records
Chthonian You Will not Lie to me Christ! The preachings of hate are lord woodcutter records
Basilysk Sad State of the Art Emergence
First Days of Humanity Pungent Grave Slime Remains
Defiled Crypt Convoluted tombs of Obscurity Convoluted tombs of Obscurity
Ordo Inferus Sickness Hate Damnatti
Gutless Cnidocyte Mass Extinction
Excruciate Anatomical Self Fertilization Passage of Life
Razor Hypertension Violent Restitution
Creamatory Wrath from the Unknown Wrath from the Unknown
Ensepulcher Intro / No Sanctity In Death No Sanctity in Death
Closet Witch Moonstomp Closet Witch
Shrivel Up Complications of Comfortability Shrivel Up
Sedimentum Un Cycle Tourmenté Demo
Tartarus Horde Incantations of Dissident Tongues Tartarus Horde Absolute Power
Tomb Warden Bones of the Earth Split w/ Flashout
Birdwatcher 2: Binocular Obsession Girth Scream Bloody Girth
Dismember Dismembered Reborn in Blasphemy
Cryptic Revealation White Crow The Truth Is Out There
Fiend Derailed Derailed EP
Shrivel Up Stimulant Euphoria Shrivel Up
Mold Problem Tusk Punk Hawnduhxsivik
Uncle Buck Psychiatric Casualty split w/ Ancient Torture Techniques
Rat King Borratanico Vicious Inhumanity
Girth Uncertain Vasectomy Scream Bloody Girth
DEMOCIDE I Just Found A Finger in my Wendy's Chili split w/ Born Backwards

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