Only the Worst on Fri 2/7/20

Artist Title Album New Local
King Krule Alone, Omen 3
Collider Bruno -><-
Unrest Where are all those Puerto Rican Boys?
En Attendant Ana Somewhere and Somehow Juliet
Cheer Accident A Hunger Artist Vasectomy
Korfball Dull Hitkrant
Unschooling Wet Sidewalks Defensive Designs
Legends of the Hidden Temple
The New You If You Go Out
Veranda Liv The Highest Bidder In You To Give
Swept Cult Desire Cult Desire
Clearance Carte Blanche Plus One
Palm Ode to Scott Samples
Girl Arm Mark E. Moon Cell Death
North of America Now You've Got Your Doctorate, Don't Forget to Doctor It The Spultura
Possible Humans Nomenclature Airspace Everybody Split
Shelf Life Smile Superstorm

The Plastic Pulse

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