Windows Down Music Loud on Thu 2/13/20

Show on 2/13/2020

Background music is "earnie by Wilma Vritra"

Artist Title Album New Local
A Sudden Burst of Colour Zen Reborn
Nah. Vitamin D Patchwork
Giant Moa Talksleeping
Balkans Flowers Everywhere S/T
Teenage Fanclub The Concept Bandwagonesque
together PANGEA Friend of Nothing Bulls and Roosters
Alfie Templeman Don't Go Wasting Time Don't Go Wasting Time
Bowl Frizell, Christof Bede Leave Me a Line Planet Buckinham
Sydney Gish Homecoming Serf Ed Buys Houses
The Hacky Turtles Fizz
7-11 Jesus Howard Nothing Feels Right Anymore
Vegyn Fire Like Tyndall Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds
Alexandra Savior Howl The Archer
Ana Frango Electrico Caspa Little Electric Chicken Heart
Porter Robinson Get Your Wish
Remo Drive Summertime Greatest Hits
Dreamer Boy Puppy Dog
Skyeline Lifeline Removed
Fringe Fine S/T
Vistas Sucker
Ryan Beatty Dark Circles Dreaming of David
Jeff Parker Gnarciss Suite for Max Brown
Post Animal How Do You Feel
Shoobies Alone Cult
Snarls Marbles
Floral This Year
El Rocko Half the Day
The Den Halycon
Peach Pit Shampoo Bottles
Double Suede Phil Joy
Kevin Walkman WasteUrTime

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