Windows Down Music Loud on Thu 3/5/20

Normal evening of Windows Down Music Loud with your host, LSD from 11 AM to 1 PM

Link to playlist:

Artist Title Album New
Jerkcurb Timelapse Tulip Air Con Eden
Dead Horse One Echo Street The West Is The Best
Soccer Mommy circle the drain color theory
Company of Thieves Oscar Wilde Ordinary Riches
CASTLEBEAT 80's High School Single
Fiji Blue Home Single
Louis Prince Half Acres Single
Bug Old News Milk
Alternative Radio Concertina Ballerina Retrospect
Real Estate You The Main Thing
Sword II Energy Between II Gardens
Alex Chilltown Drown Eulogies
Clarence Carter Slip Away This Is Clarence Carter
Boyscott RIP Sophie Moore Goose Bumps
Bowl Frizell, Christof Bede Leave Me a Line Planet Buckingham
Ocean Heights Out the Way Single
Son Little hey rose aloha
Jeff Parker Go Away Suite for Max Brown
Las Kellies Closer Single
Hinds Good Bad Times Single
Liquid Time Fault Line Single
Dry Cleaning Dog Proposal Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks
Uptownbodega, Conway the Machine Modelo Hennesis
Diamond Vargas No Control Single
Caspian, Kyle Dufrey Nostalgist On Circles
Dreamer Boy Falling for the Wrong One Single
Henry Nowhere Don't Care Where Single

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