Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 10/6/20

Episode 96 - Strange Aeons w Death Drive 90.5

Archived Episode:

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Aseptic Intro/Cessation Sense Decay Redefining Darkness
Horrisonous The Gavage A Culinary Cacophony Memento Mori
Abraded Entranced in Hallucinosis Descendents of The Sawmp Maggot Stomp
The Chasm Revenge Rises/Drowned in Mournful Blood Death Cult For Eternity: The Triumph Oz Productions
Nocturnus Standing in Blood The Key Earache Records
Atrahasis Kibrat Erbettim Antediluvian Prophecies Desert Wasteland Productions
Extremity Coffin Birth/A Million Witches Coffin Birth 20 Buck Spin
Convulse Incantation of Restoration World Without God Thrash Records
Casket Slime Reggie Bannister Rotten Brain Split independent
Orloff Swamp of The Ravens Swamp of The Ravens independent
Frozen Soul Witches Coven [Mortician] Encased in Ice Maggot Stomp
Paganizer World of Smoking Ruins Scandinavian War Machine Cyclone Empire
Vader Dark Age The Ultimate Incantation Earache Records
Rise of the Scolopendra Subjugated by the Soil Perpetual Process Of Self-Extinction independent
Congnizant Dichotomy s/t Nerve Altar
Shinda Sabo No Katamari Gekirysou SAIBOGU Obliteration Records
Escuela Grind Criticism GGRRIINNDDCCOORREE EP independent
Cystgurgle Empyema Roacis: Suctioning Fungal Efflusion, Docorticating Myconeoplasmic Masses II Ubi pus, ibi fermento 5or3 Records
Aspirate Coma Malignant Consumption Serene Transcendence through Corporal Disfigurement Independent
Anthropophagus Anthropophagus Spoiled Marrow Demo Headsplit Records
Mylingar Giftar Döda Själar 20 Buck Spin
Beasters Sadistic Indignation Alienated by Solidarity Nerve Altar
Desphosphorus In Dimensions 7 to 11 Sublimation Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 10_6_20 _ WKDU Philadelphia 91.7FM
Self Loathing Drenched in Blood Seasonal Depression Life After Death
Chasmdweller Wing of the Lotus Bacterial Lotus Life After Death
Ripping Corpse Chugging Pus Dreaming With the Dead Kraze
Mortem Execution for Meat Amputator Moroz Records
Lesa Humanidad Hegemonia Perversa Hegemonia Perversa Independent
Thaetas Dearth Shrines to Absurdity Maggot Stomp
Dripped Animae Ruinas Putrescent Omniscience Ungodly Ruins Productions
Inducing Terror Honor Kill Inducing Terror Independent
Gastroptosis Sweet Aroma of Charred Remains Cooked Flesh Demo Independent
Basic Torture Procedure Cadaverous Means of Survival Domination Through Torture Independent
Valetudinarian Regurgitation of Broken Glass Pulsating Putrifixion Independent
Evulse Worms Made Flesh PUSTULANT SPAWN Transylvanian Tapes

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