Windows Down Music Loud on Mon 10/12/20

Windows Down session for 10/12/2020. Background music during talking breaks was Earnie by Wilma Vritra.


Artist Title Album Label New Local
Crack Cloud Post Truth (Birth of a Nation) Pain Olympics Self Released
Dirty Projectors Overlord Earth Crisis Domino Recording Co
Remi Wolf Down The Line I'm Allergic To Dogs! EP Island Records
boy pablo honey Single 777 MUSIC
Still Woozy BS Single Interscope Records
St. Panther These Days These Days EP How So Records
McKinley Dixon Sun Back The House That Got Knocked Down EP Self Released
Ocean Heights Call Single Self Released
The Red Pears Flowers Alicia EP Cosmica Records
Adult Mom Berlin Single Lauren Records
Lizzy Farrall Games Bruise Pure Noise Records
mazie i think i wanna be alone Single Good Boy Records
Orchid Mantis Don't Wake Me Up Long Division EP Z Tapes
Elvis Depressedly Primal Sigh Depressedelica Run For Cover Records
Cottonwood Firing Squad Lovely. Single Studio 6
Beach Bunny Rearview Honeymoon Mom+Pop

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