Speech Delay on Thu 11/5/20

new new new. as always.

Artist Title Album New Local
Sweet Trip Conversation of Two You Will Never Know Why
John Maus Do Your Best Love Is Real
Shelly Steeeam Shelly
Nothing Bernie Sanders The Great Dismal
Duster Holy Paranoia Duster
Seth Bogart Brainwashers Men on the Verge of Nothing
Sir Chloe July Party Favors
Dehd Letter Flower of Devotion
Slow Pulp Idaho Moveys
Freak Heat Waves Dripping Visions Zap the Planet
Swirlies Pancake Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
My Bloody Valentine Only Shallow Amateur
Dehd Flying Flower of Devotion
Whatever, Dad Death of the Phone Call Huli Ka
Duster Chocolate And Mint Duster
Nothing Say Less The Great Dismal
Helena Deland Lylz Someone New
Sir Chloe Easy on You Party Favors
Spirit of the Beehive hypnic jerks Hypnic Jerks
Bark Psychosis Absent Friend Hex
Seth Bogart Sunday Boy 2 Men on the Verge of Nothing
Babe Rainbow Fall in Love The Babe Rainbow
Connan Mockasin Faking Jazz Together Forever Dolphin Love
Helena Deland Pale Someone New
Grouper Headache Paradise Valley
Molly Nilsson We're Never Coming Home These Things Take Time
Black Marble In Manchester In Manchester
Cindy Lee Heavy Metal What's Tonight to Eternity

Speech Delay

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