Speech Delay on Thu 11/19/20

remote show part 7 :)

Artist Title Album New Local
Red Sea In the Salon In the Salon
Population II A la Porte de Demain A La O Terre
Mope Grooves Turn to Glass Desire
Love Tractor Festival Love Tractor
Gary War Born of Light Police Water
Mourn Call You Back Self Worth
A Country Western Mussel A Country Western
Wry I Can Change Noites Infinitas
Painted Fruits Gender Fruit Salad
waveform* Mean Shooting Star
Love Tractor Cowboy Songs Love Tractor
Wyatt Smith Win Full Circle
Rigby Picnic That's the Sun! Woolly Mammoth
Clothesline from Hell Beaten Path Something Nothing
Bug Eater Bracelet Bug Eater
Melaina Kol Scum Bird Kill Worm
Knifeplay Feel U Pearlty
Population II Ce n'est Reve A La O Terre
Mourn The Tree Self Worth
Silver Synthetic Unchain Your Heart Out Of The Darkness
The Goodbye Party December Boys Beautiful Motors
People I Love Lucky Magic Lucky Magic
IAN SWEET Dumb Driver Dumb Driver
Frankie Broyles Slow Return Slow Return
Jons Take Me Along At Work on Several Things
Outer Limits Recordings Plastik Child Julie
Wyatt Smith Hiding Full Circle
Sword II Master Plan Between II Gardens
Helvetia Keep Digging Fantastic Life
Mamalarky Schism Trek Schism Trek
P.H.F. More/Marsh New Metal
High Sunn Those Last Words Missed Connections
Gorgeous Bully Misery Loves Company Smiling, Laughing

Speech Delay

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