Malthusian Blues on Sun 12/6/20

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Gunn-Truscinski Duo Gam Soundkeeper (2020) Three Lobed
Black Unity Trio In Light of Blackness Al – Fatihah (1970/2020) Gotta Groove
SanIsidro Calamata a lo pesau, a lo bajo y a lo llano (2020) Slovenly
UFO The Coming Of Prince Kajuku UFO2 (1971) Beacon
Barry Walker, Jr. Insect Interlude (circa the airbase) Shoulda Zenith (2020) Holy Mountain
Gavilán Rayna Russom Shotgun Hits With Boys Who Drum On Metal Secret Passage (1980/2020) Superior Viaduct
Negativland More Data The World Will Decide (2020) Seeland
Screamers Punish or Be Damned Screamers Demo Hollywood 1977 (1978/2020) Superior Viaduct
Ike Yard M. Kurtz S/T (1982/2020) Superior Viaduct
Public Memory Düsseldorf Witch Hat Ripped Apparition (2020) Felte
Die Letzten Ecken ICH S/T (2020) Static Age Musik
Karl Kave Talk Talk Talk Solitude (2020) Detriti
Abstract Nympho Delirium Static EP (2020) Static Age Musik
Puzzlehead White Knuckles artless (2020) ساده (artless)
Violent Change Potemkin VC3 (2020) Melters
Transistors On Cashel Street Cuppa Jarra Brossa (2015)
Germ House Blunt Objects Spoiled Legacy (2020) Detriti
Galore Come Around S/T (2020) Rocks in Your Head
Purple-X Interlude S/T (2020) Sheep Chase
Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra Abstract Dark Energy (Parable 9) Dimensional Stardust (2020) International Anthem
Heyst Th' Tide Pool Th’ Gunk Was Bunk (2020) d.i.h.d.
Pengo One Egg Cream for Phossy Jaw Th’ Gunk Was Bunk (2020) d.i.h.d.
Astute Palate Dip in the Tussle S/T (2020) Petty Bunco
Magnetic Dog Burnt Tongues Single (2020)
Kraus An Arrow In The Haunch A Golden Brain (2020) Ultra Eczema
Walking Korpses Healthy Teeth All Safe and Dead (2020) Static Age Musik
Speed Week Echo Chamber Hey Hey It’s Speed Week (2020)
Glueams Arsen 7" (1979/2020) Static Age Musik
Honkas Das Lied Für Fritz S/T (1982/2020)Static Age Musik
Lewsberg Left Turn In This House (2020) 12XU
Buzzcocks I Don't Mind Singles Going Steady (1978/2018) IRS/Domino

Field Day for the Sundays

Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
Looking as limp as Monday morning.