Malthusian Blues on Sun 12/13/20

Music during mic breaks - Barry Walker, Jr. - Shoulda Zenith

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra A Wrinkle In Time Sets Concentric Circles Reeling Dimensional Stardust (2020) International Anthem
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band Alikulila Take One (1970's?/2020) Analog Africa
Marika Politissa Niavent Manes All Parts Dark (1920's?/2020) Olvido
Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher Jetsam Slow Music (1981/2020)Aguirre
Astute Palate Stall Out Astute Palate (2020) Petty Bunco
Orchestre Abass Haka Dunia De Bassari Togo (1970's?/2020) Analog Africa
Nick Cave Spinning Song Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace (2020) Bad Seed
Lauren Pakradooni My Star Flite (2020) Self Released
Kraus 1000AD A Golden Brain (2020) Ultra Eczema
Die Atlantikschwimmer Immerzu Kassetto Fix (2020) Static Age ‎
Optic Sink Personified Optic Sink (2020) Goner
Crash Course in Science Cakes In The Home Cakes In The Home (1979) Go Go
Dope Body Lo & Behold Crack a Light (2020) Drag City
Nailbiter Broken Brace (2020) La Vida Es Un Mus
Brain Drugs Nightshift (at the Fruit Cannery) S/T (2020) Cannery
Deantoni Parks NINE ELEVENELEVEN (2020) Self Released
Gotts Street Park Awake Vol.2 (2020) Blue Flowers
Sweating Pipe Pipe Sweating Th' Gunk Was Bunk (2020) dihd
A. Kostis Giannis Hasiklis(Yannis The Hash Smoker) The Jail's A Fine School (2020) Olvido
Ranil Cumbia En Tu Soledad Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical (1975/2020) Analog Africa
Rob Noyes Cheap Gold Arc Minutes (2021) VDSQ
Bill Orcutt Song For Cotton VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 10 (2012) VDSQ
Deradoorian The Illuminator Find The Sun (2020) Anti
Doug Carn, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad Underwater Doug Carn (2020) Jazz Is Dead
Buzzcocks Fast Cars Another Music In A Different Kitchen (1979/2019) United Artists/Domino
Endless Boogie Jerome 7" (2020) Wharf Cat
The Weirdos A Life Of Crime 7" (1977) Bomp
Wasted Lives Divorce 7" (1979) Spoken
D.O.A. America the Beautiful War On 45 (1982) Alternative Tentacles
TSOL Property is Theft S/T (1981) Posh Boy
Dils Class War 198 Seconds Of The Dils (1977) Dangerhouse
Angelic Upstarts I’m an Upstart Teenage Warning (1979) Warner
Subhumans Thought Is Free For Family and Flag Vol.1 (2020) Pirate Press

Field Day for the Sundays

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Looking as limp as Monday morning.