Speech Delay on Thu 12/31/20

this week felt spicy.

Artist Title Album New
Rupa Aaj Shanibar Disco Jazz
Ahmed Malek La ville Musique originale de films (Habibi Funk 003)
Kruangbin Time (You and I) Mordechai
Lijadu Sisters Amebo Danger
Marcos Resende, Index Nergal Nergal
The Blackbyrds Dreaming About You Action
Andrew Ashong Washed in You Washed in You
Bembeya Jazz National Petit Sekou Discotheque 76
Ahmed Malek Un toit et une famille Musique originale de films (Habibi Funk 003)
Mamman Sani Tunan La Musique Electronique Du Niger
Sonia Ferguson Easier to Love Easier to Love
Lijadu Sisters Life's Gone Down Low Danger
Azymuth, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge Morning Azymuth JID004
Bembeya Jazz National Armee guineenne Hommage a Demba Camara
Dur-Dur Band Gorof (Elixir) Sweet as Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa
Itadi Watch your Life Itadi
Kit Sebastian Tyranny 20 Mantra Moderne
Kruangbin So We Won't Forget Mordechai
Willie Griffin I Love You I Love You
Ariel Pink Nonsequitur Segues A Decade Deeper
Ronald Langestraat In the middle of the night Searching
Gabor Szabo Stormy 1969

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