Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 3/23/21

Double Hockey Sticks Episode 115: The Center Shrine

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Crucifix Barriers Suffocation/Pyrexia/Crucifix Split
Church Burner Pathetic Shepard Recognize Our Beliefs from the Ashes of your Feet
Liers in Wait Bleeding Shrines of Stone Spiritually Uncontrolled Art
Dysentery The Only Way to Peace is Putrefaction Pro Patria
Cryptum Cryptum Enter the Cryptum Sewer Rot Records
Tribal Gaze Astral Nameless Godless Voyage Desert Wasteland Productions
Monumental Discharge Primordial Droppings Unfathomable Defecation Barbaric Brutality
Traumatic Insemination Inferior Design Traumatic Insemination
Shattering Calamity Cannibals and Guests Torso Pile
Occulsed Rancid Blessings Ceremonial Lifelessness
Cenotaph Middle Ages Life Immortal (demo 1996)
Nostradamus Between Two Sides Non Omnis Moriar
Intrinsic Maleficence Agressive Tactics Relapse
Putrefying Cadaverment Barbwire Asphyxiation Indiscriminate Butchery
Оброк Прокоба Rehearshal Demo II
Burial No Existence Relinquished Souls
Nirvana 2002 Mourning Recordings ('89-91)
Cruciatu Blasphemic Hymns Demo 2021
Deterioration Swimming Pool Filter Induced Transrectal Evisceration split w/ Mongolico
Disfiguring The Goddess Black Earth Child Black Earth Child
Domestic Terror Temple of Lashes s/t
Baest Sea of Vomit Necro Sapiens
Torture Rack Lord of the Massgrave Pit of Limbs
Ecliptic III. Mountains formed by lbood and pain yet stain our vision Oracle of Undoing
Aberration III s/t
Yautja the kindling Yautja/Chepang Split
Abominable Putridity Supreme Void Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation
Mvltifission Mental-cybernetic Proliferation (Drowning Phantasm) Decomposition in the Painful Metamorphosis
Last Days of Humanity Roots of Pathos Horrific Compositions of Decomposition
Miasmic Oooze Terrain of Inflamed Pustules Terrain of Inflamed Pustules
Handsome Prick DRIVE LIKE YOUR KIDS LIVE HEREAFTER Plastic Baby Living Facility
Sete Star Sept Third World Bird

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