Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 4/6/21

Episode 116 "Remains of the Scavenger"

Artist Title Album Label New
Detestation Feast of Flesh Massacre of Hate Decomposed Skunk Bud Productions
Mortem Exhumer Amputator Moroz Records
Protest Hurt Bodies Inside of Humanity Independent
Judecca Forensic Pathology beyond what the eyes can't see Wild Rags Records
Mazzatello Idolators Burned in Retribution for Blasphemy Punishment of Amputation and Beheading (demo) Independent
Catatonic Stupor Reanimated Lysergic Cadavers Catatonic Stupor Barbaric Brutality
Metrorrhagia Vomiting Due to an Alluring Coffin Birth Metrorrhagia Horrendous Manifestation Records
Effluence Microgliotic Viroplasm Subneural Entropic Dysgenesis Independent
Mohler Eternal Blood Death is Defeated Roxx Records
Scythe Uncreation of the World into a New Dark Age Undead Infantry Metal Mulisha
MxGxP Macerate To Devour Stump Grinder Records
Splattered Cadaver Fouly Discharged the Clots Merciless Butchery United Guttural Records
Cenotaph Syndromes of Deadly Endegenous Intoxication Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions Hammer Muzik
Mortal Decay Opening the Graves A Gathering of Human Artifacts MDK
Vomit Forth Predatory Saviour (live) Live at St. Vitus Bar March 5th 2020 Max Volume Silence
Scattered Remnants Ridding Genitle Flesh Procreating Mass Carnage Vaginal Vomit Productions
Diminished Disgorging the Afterbirth Chainsaw Cunt Sevared Records
Theurgy The Occult Science Demo 2021 New Standard Elite
Cerebral Incubation Malignant Spiculated Legion Asphyxiating on Excrement Cerebral Incubation
Dispersed Soul Paralysis Where Silence Reigns New Standard Elite
Goretrade Righteous Retribution Perception of Hate From Beyond Productions
Signs of Dying Impaled with the Cerebral Vortex Desire is Suffering Deathgasm Records
Thaetas Blood Distillery Shrines to Absurdity Maggot Stopm
Murderman Body Disposal Expert Body Disposal Expert Blast Addict
Asphyxiate Dried Human Prey Altar of Decomposed New Standard Elite
Afterbirth Cirque de Sombre Noir Maggots in Her Smile Demo Independent
Gutted Pulp Lifecycle on Carrion Swollen Contusion Independent
Nerlich Mercury and Acetates Eternity's Gate FDA Records
Dyskinesia Vigorous Sadism Inflicted on the Infectious Pudenda Micturating Deposits of Grit Through the Urinary Tract Fuck
Gorebag Regurgitated Eyeball Soup Regurgitated Eyeball Soup Independent
T.O.O.H. Unést, prcat a čekat Free Speech Lavadome Productions
Carnal Disfigurement Depth of Perverse Depravity Inhuman Devoured Content from Cranial Cavity Inherited Suffering Records
Eye Sea Life's Unavoidable Consequences Bloodgeon Shredded Records
Kabak Cronica Arteritis Postraumatico Crónicas del quirófano American Line Productions
When Rivers Run Red Hung by the Feet, Drained by the Throat The Thundering Horde PSDI Records
Disastrous Murmur Necrotic Ulcerous Genoplast 25 Years of Slaughter Rock ...and Hungry Are the Lost

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