Speech Delay on Wed 4/28/21

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Artist Title Album New Local
Art D'Ecco In Standard Definition In Standard Definition
Jay Som Devotion Anak Ko
Kero Kero Bonito Well Rested Civilisation I / Civilisation II
Sweet Trip Stab-Slow Walkers Beware! We Drive into the sun/ Stab-Slow
Japanese Breakfast Posing In Bondage Posing In Bondage
Mr Twin Sister Echo Arms Power of Two / Echo Arms
Crying Wool in the Wash Beyond the Fleeting Gates
Jay Som Superbike Anak Ko
JayWood Some Days Some Days
Hatchie Sure Sugar & Spice
Spirit of the Beehive nail i couldn't bite Hypnic Jerks
Cherry Glazerr Nuclear Bomb Apocalipstick
IAN SWEET Sword Show Me How You Disappear
Peary Drops Call For Help Call For Help
Moodoid, Melody's Echo Chamber Only One Man - Melody's Echo Chamber Remix Only One Man - Melody's Echo Chamber Remix
Jay Arner Earth To Jay Jay II
Negative Gemini Weren't There Anymore Bad Baby
Caroline Polachek, George Clanton Hey Big Eyes - George Clanton Remix Hey Big Eyes - George Clanton Remix
Planet 1999 Party Devotion
George Clanton Tie Me Down Slide
Midnight Sister Shimmy Saturn Over Sunset
Bloodbath64 Beautiful Horses Aestheticadelica
Young Guv Caught Lookin' GUV II
Magdalena Bay Kilshot - Slowed + Reverbed Kilshot - Slowed + Reverbed
Negative Gemini Bad Baby - Satin Sheets Remix Bad Baby - Satin Sheets Remix
Helado Negro We Don't Have Time for That Private Energy

Speech Delay

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