Speech Delay on Wed 5/12/21

the weather is BEAUTIFUL today. enjoy this mix

Artist Title Album New Local
Kero Kero Bonito 21/04/20 Civilisation I / Civilisation II
Drug Store Romeos What's On Your Mind What's On Your Mind
Yu Su, Kopha Xiu Xiu
Chemise She Can't Love You She Can't Love You
Myd The Sun Born a Loser
Doss Strawberry Strawberry
Jordana, Magdalena Bay Push Me Away Push Me Away
Erika de Casier Drama Drama
Spirit of the Beehive THE SERVER IS IMMERSED Entertainment, Death
Hildegard, Helena Deland Jour 2 Jour 2
Boyz Noise Ride Or Die Ride Or Die
James K Ultra Facial! Ultra Facial!
Lily Konigsberg Owe Me Owe Me
Yaya Bey september 13th september 13th
duendita bio bio
Glume What Is A Feeling The Internet
Lost Girls Carried By Invisible Bodies Menneskekollektivet
Ya Tseen Light the Torch Indian Yard
Haich Ber Na 87 Days From Then Til' Now
Biig Piig Lavender Lavender
Spirit of the Beehive DEATH Entertainment, Death
Q If You Care If You Care
Alice Phoebe Lou Lovesick Glow
L'Rain Blame Me Blame Me
Myd We Found It Born a Loser
AOI, Channel Tres a tulip with no shadow blossoms a tulip with no shadow blossoms
Remi Wolf, Hot Chip Disco Man - Hot Chip Remix We Love Dogs!

Speech Delay

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