let's talk about boys on Mon 3/29/21

Artist Title Album New
Klaus Veen Posion Lekker Setje Beats
Boy Harsher Yr Body Is Nothing Yr Body is Nothing
Kero Kero Bonito The Princess and the Clock The Princess and the Clock
Soulwax E Talking Any Minute Now
Xiu Xiu, Liars Rumpus Room OH NO
Brainiac V1NC3NT COM3 ON DOWN Hissing Prigs in Static Couture
black midi John L John L/Despair
Death Politicians in my eyes ...For the Whole world to see
Okotobe Beaver Love is Short ITEKOMA HITS
Ceremony Tourette's In Utero, In Tribute
Black Eyes Deformative Black Eyes
Twist Venus Distancing
Show Me the Body People On TV Survive
Destructo Disk You're Standing on my neck Punk Rocks for Kid's who cant skate
Sissyfuss Twist U Up (My Words) Split

let's talk about boys

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Music you listen to at your post semi-formal 6th grade dance sleepover.
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