Glass Cannon on Mon 7/12/21

I forgot to delete last week's episode from the Google Drive folder we use for remote shows, so last week's episode accidentally played this week instead of this week's episode. Sorry about that! The episode that was supposed to air for this week will be aired next week. See you then!

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Artist Title Album Label New Local
Nothing A Fabricated Life The Great Dismal Relapse Records
Pixel Grip Double Vision ARENA Feeltrip Records
Death Hags Under the Cosmic Tree Big Grey Sun #3 Big Grey Sun Records
Sote Pipe Dreams Parallel Persia Diagonal Records
Mandy, Indiana Alien 3 Alien 3 Fire Talk
EASYFUN Blink Blink PC Music
Housewives Sublimate, Pt. II Twilight Splendour Blank Editions
Clark Night Knuckles Body Riddle Warp Records
Saint Etienne Heading For The Fair Words And Music By Saint Etienne Saint Etienne
INOYAMALAND じんこうたいようきゅう SWIVA Inoyamaland Music
Susumu Hirasawa Chaser Paprika (Original Soundtrack Album) Chaos Union
Tim Ayre Mexican Holiday Modern Life Tim Ayre

Glass Cannon

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