Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 9/7/21

Episode 133 "Dominus Fatum" Brutal Death Metal Mix

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Demental At the Gate of War Tales of Alienation (2003) Independent
Infestment No Human Grace Evulsion of Mortal Birth (2021) Maggot Stomp
Scattered Remnants Amidst The Afterbirth Inherent Perversion (1995) Vaginal Vomit Productions
Driltusk Eviscerated Demo 2021 Independent
Piles Pulverised Split with Komodonesia (2021) jonnkyuubi
Sagrado The Annunaki's Curse Abysmal Slaughter of the Dead (2021) Pathologically Explicit
Earthsson Apocalyptic Swarm Apocalyptic Swarm (2021) Independent
Internal Suffering Supreme Knowledge Domain Supreme Knowledge Domain (1999) Perverted Taste
Expurgate 86 Dementia Tremens (2013) Comatose Music
Brodequin VII Nails Perpetuation of Suffering Unmatched Brutality Records
Meshum Exhuming the Grim Heredity Enigmatic Existential Essence (2021) New Standard Elite
Koba Flesh In Solace (2021) Independent
Troughman Violent Death Remnants Troughman (2021) Independent
Iban Arana/Decrepit Artery Chrysopoeia Chrysopoeia (2021) Independent
Vile Apparaition Dissect to Enucleate Depravity Ordained (2019) Memento Mori
Dislocation Laval Sun Prophetic Tape (1995) Independent
Disfigured Eternal Indiscretion Paroxysm (1997) Independent
Violent Vission Beyond the Mercy Butchery (1993) Independent
Cerebral Hemorrhage Beaten and Dismembered Exempting Reality (2001) Mutilated Records
Gallows Foul Phantom Pains Phantom Pains (1998) Independent
Sapragmos Execrable Visitors Invitation From Host of Wrath (1992) Metal Mind Productions
Coercion Coughing Blood Headway (1993) Independent
Dead and Dripping Haunting Iconography of Caustic Devourment Profane Verses of Murderous Rhetoric
Sapraemia Macroseism Disintegration of Permanent Atoms
Basic Torture Procedure Maggot Colony of Your Coffin Screams of Dissolution (2021)
Severe Torture Repeat Offender Sworn Vengeance
Throat Breach Fermented Man Throat Breach/Egregore Split (2021)
Egregore Laguis Novus (Individuated) Throat Breach/Egregore Split (2021)
Charnel Grounds As Above, So Below Hermetic Wisdom (2021)
Slimelord Loretta's Bane Moss Contamination
Fulci Nightmare Exhumed Information
Lectern Fandonies Bisbetical
Grotesque Infection Stagnant Fumes of Decomposure Consumption of Human Feces
Mephitic Corpse Fuming Mutation Immense Thickening Vomit

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