The Nod on Thu 10/28/21

A selection of B-sides, different mixes and remixes, lesser-known side tracks from various singles... and one extremely well-known a capella... on this week's loose and easy all-vinyl mix.

Artist Title Album Label
Sub Sub Past Coast EP Robs Records
Carl Stone Nyala (Fourth Section) em:t 1196 em:t
The Age Of Love The Age Of Love (Boeing Mix) React
High Lonesome Sound System Psychic Dreaming Exist Dance
Revelation Masochist Trip Chapter 2 Atmosphere
Fortunato & Montresor Imagine (Imagination 2) Elektrolux
Sensurreal Maricultures Op-ART
Beaumont Hannant T 60160293 Tastes & Textures EP General Production Recordings
Sqvid Emprisoning Sound On A Piece Of Wax Apollo
ANF Mary Lynne Pacific Rhythm
Code 6 After Life EXperimental
Barbarella Barbarella (The Irresistible Force Remix) Harthouse
Grain Son Of Birth. Son Domestic
William Orbit Water From A Vine Leaf (Underworld's Remix Part 2) Virgin
Rhythm Controll My House (A Capella) Catch-A-Beat
Joey Negro Love Will Make It Right Above & Beyond EP Z Records
One Dove Transient Truth (Death Of A Disco Dancer) Boys Own
Ian Pooley Second Revival Force Inc.
Slam Intensities In-Ten-Cities Soma
Orbital Fahrenheit 3D3 FFRR
Psychedelic Research Lab Tarenah (Spy's Sub Mix) Gyroscopic
The Keyprocessor Dirt Eevo Lute Muzique
Velocette Bound In A Nutshell Voda EP Reflective

The Nod

DJ Kel
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Thursday 2-4pm
Bringing you a mix of electronic dance, IDM, and space music from the mid-70’s to the present. Role models from over the years include Orbital, Sasha, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, James Holden, DJ Sprinkles, Dave Clarke, Nick Warren, Andrew Weatherall, Mixmaster Morris, Plaid, Woob, Robert Rich, Tetsu Inoue, Phil Western, David Moufang, and the Hardkiss brothers. Tune in every week for a confetti of quizzical beats an’ pieces, some noodly bits, topped with soft ambient sprinklings. Get in touch by emailing - reach out on Instagram @scott_not_astronaut
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