let's talk about boys on Mon 11/22/21

Artist Title Album New Local
The Garden Trust Life and Times of a Paperclip
Puretone Addicted to Bass Stuck in a Groove
Weed Hollowed Out Deserve
My Idea Stay Away Still
Squid GSK Bright Green Field
Empath Diamond Eyelids Diamond Eyelids
The ILY's Itchy Itchy Itchy I've Always Been good at True Love
The Garden Crystal Clear haha
Puzzle Dice Laying in the Sand
The Garden Call This # Now
Poewrplant True Love People in the Sun
Doddodo exciseise of mouth S/T
Died Borne Anonymized Internal Criminals
black midi John Hell Live
Twompsax diddley squat I H8 ME
Powerplant A Spine
Snooper Running Music for Spies
Liquids All Rocked Out Hot Liqs Revenge
GEL Freaks Violent Closure
Common Icon Rudeface
Andy Morin, The Garden French Kiss the Abyss
Slater I'll put it on Metal Flight 777
Black Marble The Garden Fast Idol
Black Marble Streetlight Fast Idol
The Garden U Want The Scoop? U Want The Scoop?
Special Interest Disco II Spiraling
Trash Talk Blind Evolution Awake
The Apples In Stereo Glowworm Fun Trick Noisemaker
The Garden All Access U Want The Scoop?

let's talk about boys

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Music you listen to at your post semi-formal 6th grade dance sleepover.
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