The Nod on Thu 1/6/22

More notable tracks and releases from 2021, more on the meditative and wintry side this time, with a couple notable upbeat bits from Tom Middleton, Tristan Arp, and Chris Moss Acid.

Artist Title Album Label
Bengalfuel The Train Tracks Auriemma Infraction
Malibu Camargue (John Beltran Remix) One Life: Four Remixes Uno
Autumn Of Communion So Slow You Fade Data Space Bass Fantasy Enhancing
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk Perpetual Motion Eight Fragments Of An Illusion Azure Vista
Droidroy 遠い日の記憶 水中都市 No Problema Tapes
GCOM Ocean Dreams E2-XO !K7 Records
Martinou Thunder Road Rift Nous'klaer Audio
Steve Roach & Michael Stearns Impelled Beyond Earth & Sky Projekt
Sierra Romeo Gong 603 Zeroes Bites Delsin
Lord Of The Isles Acceptance Acceptance Kimochi Sound
Robert Babicz Wonderforest Quattro II (Juxtaposition) Bedrock
Topdown Dialectic untitled (B4) Vol. 3 Peak Oil
Chris Moss Acid Bayt Al-Hikma (Phlange Beat Mix) 5G Weaponized Bats EP Furthur Electronix
Tristan Arp Alternate Looking Glass Alternate Looking Glass Human Pitch
Priori The Village Your Own Power Naff
Robert Rich Connective Neurogenesis Soundscape
Chuck Van Zyl Where The Woodbine Twineth Votive Synkronos Music

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Thursday 2-4pm
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