The Black Experience on Sun 1/16/22

Aquarian Awakening 6-9

Artist Title Album Label
CTI All Stars Impressions/Red Clay California Concert CTI
Chuck Mangione Land of Make Belkieve
Israel Kamakawiwole Over The Rainbow/Wonderful World
Quiet Moments Lonnie Liston Smith
Rainbow Visions Crusaders
Total Response Horace Silver
Dove Cymande
undefined Terry Callier
Waters From An Ancient Well Abdullah Ibrahim
New World Coming Nina Simone
Message to the Messengers Gil Scott Heron
Save The Children Gil Scott Heron
Sais Lonnie Liston Smith

The Black Experience

Sunday 12am-12pm and Sunday 3-6pm
Sunday 3am-12pm
Sunday 12am-12pm
Sunday 6am-12pm
The Black Experience has been broadcasting through WKDU's airwaves since the 1970's, making a full return during WKDU's 50th anniversary in July of 2021. A different communicator each will will provide their own special broadcast as it were when they were undergraduates at Drexel University. Tune in for this very special broadcast each week on Sunday mornings!