The Listening Room on Thu 5/12/22

Artist Title Album Label
James Malabar Black Sheep Squared/Malabar/Where Where Is/Nails of Martin Malabar Sinking City Records
James Malabar So Long Tail Rex/Monster Clause/Bluebelly/Lento Malabar Sinking City Records
Ariwo Irene/Bembé Quasi Manana Records
Ariwo Pyramid Quasi Manana Records
Ariwo Quasi/Dasht Quasi Manana Records
Ariwo El Alacrán/Bandar Quasi Manana Records
Hazem B Chmissa (feat. Nidhal Yahyaoui) Afrochawi Shouka
Coco Em Yi Ingi Kilumi InFiné
Arandel Hysope (Stripped​-​Down version) Hysope InFiné
Seb Wildblood Jobi All My Thoughts

The Listening Room

Thursday 8-10pm
Thursday 8-10pm
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