The Nod on Thu 6/9/22

Just a randomly-shuffled chilled-out selection from a dusty shelf... some house, some clackety stuff, a bit of rave cheese... couple good surprises in there, and a couple intermissions for some recent digital purchases as well.

Artist Title Album Label
Monosphere Sunburst Monodisk
Jazuelle Abiogenesis Maeve
Universo Exhale Spheres EP Breathing Room
Bandhgens Musikförening Elyseiska Fälten Protokoll A Northern Electronics
Conoley Ospovat Sun Hides On A Sunny Day Kimochi Sound
Roger Gerressen Spirit Joule Imprint
Thomas Fehlmann Perfectly Natural Flow EP R&S Records
Dawn Again My Wife Aquatic Glyder Fawr The Legend Of Gelert
Essa 3 Coalesce ZoëMagik
SW. Reminder Part Three SUED
Tred All Mixed Up I'm Not Like Other PPL Lobster Theremin
The Irresistible Force Fish Dances (Frédéric Galliano Remix) Ninja Tune
Bodhi Xylette Etch EP Soft Computing
Zuwe Distance SH40 Hiraeth Records
Create Environmental San Francisco Create 2 FAX +49-69/450464
Brendon Moeller Nature Acido Records
Off Land & Specta Ciera Washed Ashore Glisten (V/A) Fantasy Enhancing
Nathan Jonson Softly Lo Bit Landscapes
Bochum Welt Chicago Phial EP Axodya
Qubism Ghost Of Catalonia Qubism 2294 em:t

The Nod

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Thursday 2-4pm
Thursday 2-4pm
Bringing you a mix of electronic dance, IDM, and space music from the mid-70’s to the present. Role models from over the years include Orbital, Sasha, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, James Holden, DJ Sprinkles, Dave Clarke, Nick Warren, Andrew Weatherall, Mixmaster Morris, Plaid, Woob, Robert Rich, Tetsu Inoue, Phil Western, David Moufang, and the Hardkiss brothers. Tune in every week for a confetti of quizzical beats an’ pieces, some noodly bits, topped with soft ambient sprinklings. Get in touch by emailing - reach out on Instagram @scott_not_astronaut
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