Finding My Marbles on Tue 8/30/22

eleventh show !

Artist Title Album New Local
Candy Claws Transitional Bird (Clever Girl) Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time
The Donnas Take It Off Spend The Night (US Version)
Mike Chick Pine Lake Park "I Don't Write Love Songs"
The Pezheads You're So Dumb Pezcatarian
Momma No Stage Household Name
Blood Command The End is Her Praise Armageddonism
Tiger Cub Burning Effigies Abstract Figures in the Dark
Art d'Ecco Until the Sun Comes Up After the Head Rush
Wild Strawberries I Don't Want To Think About It Heroine
NoSo Feeling Like A Woman Lately Stay Proud of Me
Skating Polly Camelot The Make It All Show
Gwenno Tresor Tresor
Bam Bam Ground Zero Free Fall From Space
The Microphones Oh Anna Tests
Mephisto Walz I Wanna Be Your Dog The Eternal Deep
Glüme Nervous Breakdown The Internet
Launder On a Wire Happening
Pussy Come Back June Pussy Plays
Jodaki, ER Black Count On Me Count on Me
Katy J Pearson Talk Over Town Sound of the Morning
Rain on Fridays Lincoln's Licorice Lincoln's Licorice
Maggie Gently Emperor Peppermint
Pleasure Native Little Heathen Little Heathen
Elf Power Pouring Hot Water on the Anthills Artificial Countrysides
Jaywood All Night Long Slingshot
Remember Sports Stunted All Of Something
Hello Mary Sink In Stinge / Sink In
Inu フェイドアウト Meshi Kuuna!
Veruca Salt All Hail Me American Thighs

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