Fair Trade Radio on Mon 10/17/22

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Charlie Martin Daisy Imaginary People (Deluxe Edition)
Sorry Closer Anywhere But Here
Momma Lucky Household Name
Living Hour, Jay Som Feelings Meeting Someday is Today
Ovlov Land of Steve-O Buds
Hello Mary Sink In Stinge / Sink In
Snoozer Lifesaver Lifesaver new!
Wednesday, MJ Lenderman Perfect (Smashing Pumpkins) Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling 'em Up
Pulsr Prescience Sent
Lutalo For Now For Now
Aaberg Bubba Calf
Tram Expectations Heavy Black Frame
Tiger Trap You & Me Tiger Trap
Horsegirl Option 8 Versions of Modern Performance
Johanna Warren I'd Be Orange Lessons for Mutants
Mo Troper I Fall Into Her Arms MTV
Built To Spill Understood When The Wind Forgets Your Name
Tanya Davis Eulogy for You and Me Clocks and Hearts Keep Going
Maxshh Is That Refreshing Bonus Flowers
Deadharrie Emberly Emberly new!
Ylayali Green Walls separation new!
They Are Gutting A Body Of Water delta p s (lucky styes) new!
A Country Western Crossing out My Lines An Insult to the Sport new!
Clothesline from Hell Summer '16 - Remix Something Nothing
Adam Pierce amends (the rock epic) Music For Listening To (1999 comp)
Max Gowan Held to Light Bygones

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