The Nod on Thu 11/3/22

A non-stop vinyl mix looking back over the weird, wild, swirling vibes of the West-coast 90's label Exist Dance records. Breaks, trance, acid, funky house, tripped-out samples, flashes of dissonance, strong vibes unleashed in the West.

Artist Title Album Label
Ballistic Mystic Imperial Cruise (Stir Crazy Remix) ED031 Exist Dance
Tom Chasteen Salome (Doc Martin Remix) ED039 Exist Dance
Le Pimp Hijack Party ED018 Exist Dance
Tom Chasteen Together (Tech Mix) ED025 Exist Dance
The Hand The Hand Pt. 1 ED033 Exist Dance
Eden Transmission Transmission: Maya ED005 Exist Dance
Dada Munchamonkey Outside Time (Funky Robots Remix) ED032 Exist Dance
High Lonesome Sound System We're Go (Stage 1) ED004 Exist Dance
Tom Chasteen Steam Dream ED030 Exist Dance
Tom Chasteen Salome (Part 2) ED021 Exist Dance
Ballistic Mystic The Accident Of Birth ED019 Exist Dance
High Lonesome Sound System Waiting For The Lights (Mandalay Mix) ED008 Exist Dance
Freaky Chakra Halucifuge (Blind Dive) ED010 Exist Dance
Up Above The World Trying To Reach You ED011 Exist Dance
Off & Gone Phish ED015 Exist Dance
Cap'm Stargazer Vs Commander Mindfuck Battle On The Tundra (The Initial Citrus Earthquake Confrontation) ED014 Exist Dance
Eden Transmission I'm So High ED005 Exist Dance
Up Above The World Straight Up Caffeine ED009 Exist Dance
High Lonesome Sound System Champion Sound ED017 Exist Dance
Heaven & Earth The Business 1.0 ED028 Exist Dance
Skull Valley Green Woman In A Blue Light ED022 Exist Dance
Tranquility Bass Lucifaze ED002 Exist Dance
Skull Valley Granite Dub ED035 Exist Dance
Tranquility Bass They Came In Peace ED002 Exist Dance

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Bringing you a mix of electronic dance, IDM, and space music from the mid-70’s to the present. Role models from over the years include Orbital, Sasha, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, James Holden, DJ Sprinkles, Dave Clarke, Nick Warren, Andrew Weatherall, Mixmaster Morris, Plaid, Woob, Robert Rich, Tetsu Inoue, Phil Western, David Moufang, and the Hardkiss brothers. Tune in every week for a confetti of quizzical beats an’ pieces, some noodly bits, topped with soft ambient sprinklings. Get in touch by emailing - reach out on Instagram @scott_not_astronaut
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