Fair Trade Radio on Mon 11/14/22

Artist Title Album New Local
MILLY Ring True Eternal Ring
Momma Stringers Two of Me
The Apples In Stereo Winter Must Be Cold Fun Trick Noisemaker
Pavement Gold Soundz Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
feeble little horse Drama Queen Hayday
feeble little horse, Full Body 2 Termites - Full Body 2 Remix Hayday
They Are Gutting A Body Of Water kmart amen break Lucky Styles
YHWH Nailgun Venison Mama No Midwife And I Wingflap
The Books Classy Penguin Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities
Mice Parade Circle None Mice Parade
Daedelus Thus the Whirlygig Invention
Dear Nora sinaloan restaurant human futures
Broadcast Echo's Answer The Noise Made by People
Acetone Vibrato 1992-2001
Big Thief Velvet Ring Masterpiece
Wilco If I Ever Was A Child Schmilco
Eric's Trip Spring Love Tara
Elliot Smith Speed Trials Either/Or
Tiger Trap Sour Grass Sour Grass 10"
Oingo Boingo Just a Lad Oingo Boingo 10"
Ellis Island Sound republica evescarra Ellis Island Sound 10"
Ellis Island Sound six shooter annex Ellis Island Sound 10"
A Country Western Birdfeeder birdfeeder
The Loners With Parenthesis Follow Four New Songs
Babehoven Philadelphia Light Moving Time
13 Necklace Burgeoning On and Off
Chris Weisman I Couldn't Be Discovered The Holy Life That's Coming
Palace Music New Partner Viva Last Blues

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