Finding My Marbles on Mon 11/14/22

Artist Title Album New Local
RIP Mommy Twins in Paradise
Princess Chelsea Caution Repetitive Lil' Golden Book
And The Kids I Dropped Out Friends Share Lovers
Death Hags Star Operator Big Grey Sun #4
Aurat Nasha Poison
Knifeplay Lonely Sun Animal Drowning
Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends Dark Passengers Dark Passengers
Veruca Salt Venus Man Trap Eight Arms to Hold You
Blood Red Shoes It's Getting Boring By The Sea Box of Secrets
Death Valley Girls The Universe Under the Spell of Joy
Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends The Misplaced Optimism of the Doomed Dangerous Nomenclature
Lealani Lonely Stars Fantastic Planet
Wipers Nothing Left to Lose Best Of The Wipers and Greg Sage
Hands Off Gretel SASS I Want The World
Cherry Glazerr Isolation Stuffed & Ready
wych elm Bag of Worms School Shooter / Bag of Worms

Finding My Marbles

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