Finding My Marbles on Mon 11/28/22

Artist Title Album New Local
Beach Rats Summers End Rat Beat
Gap Girls Runnin Through My Mind Street Desires
Romulus Wolf Brunette Girls Smell Fear
Mamalarky Mythical Bonds Pocket Fantasy
wilt gwen gwen
Melody's Echo Chamber PĂȘcheuse de Lune Unfold
yeule Pocky Boy Serotonin II
Them Are Us Too Floor Amends
Joanne Gruesome Wussy Void Weird Sister
Pretty Sick Bound Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile
Warpaint Krimson The Fool (Deluxe)
OFF! Kill to be Heard Free LSD
The Red Pears Not in the Cards You Thought We Left Because The Door Was Open But We Were Waiting Outside
Baroness Tourniquet Gold & Grey
BRONCHO Taj Mahal Just Enough Hip to Be Woman
Calva Louise Getting Closer Rhinoceros
Malice K Changes Clean up on Aisle Heaven

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