The Nod on Thu 1/12/23

A look back at notable releases of 2022.... this week with a bunch of techno, house, and broken-beat styles all shoved together. 133 BPM at the start and slowing down a little bit by the end.

Artist Title Album Label
Biodive Lonely Why (Slammin' Version) Craigie Knowes
Indio Phoenix Detroit Dancer
Vid Vai Catalyst Laminar Flow For Those That Knoe
DNA Presents Ecstasy (Dmitri Nakov + Limara Remix) Quattro III Bedrock
No Moon Go 2 Bed Mechatronica
S.O.N.S. Into Limbo Hyerasidon
Dylan Forbes Ride Da Flange Haŵs
Basic Mind Idle Chatters Good Company
Subb-an Salvia Apiana Phonica A.M.
Simoncino Jungle Dream (Ron Trent Remix Part II) Hotwax
Reggie Dokes Feelings Still Techno
Brian Kage Eight Ways (808 Mix) Michigander Music
Alister Lose All AF13
Cherushii Rudy's Party Perfect Location
DJ Central So Kind Softness Help
Big Zen Mirror Cut (V2) Big Zen
Konduku Gelgit Nous'klaer Audio
Cignol Misaligned Logic Craigie Knowes
Stasis Of All The Worlds De:Tuned
Caldera Years Kimochi Sound
Janeko Pushin' Yoyaku
Emissive Natural Springs City Of Rooms Telephone Explosion
Jack Smooth Evolution pH Scales 4 Furthur Electronix

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