let's talk about boys on Mon 1/23/23

Artist Title Album Local
Wednesday Fate is... I was trying to describe you to someone
Momma Double Dare Two of me
Plumtree Tropical Miss Teen Fainting
Wombo Dreamsickle
The Amps Tipp City Pacer
Hello Mary Sink In (new) Stinge/Sink In (new)
Stereolab Pack Yr romantic mind Transient Random-noise bursts
Stevie Dinner Radioactive Makeout Club (new)
Like a doll In the water was a sea (new)
chicago me limpio (Alex G) Nintendo 64 (new) Nintendo 64
Smut Soft Engine How the light felt (new)
SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE You are Arrived You are arrived (but you've been cheated)
Pardoner I wanna get high to the music Came down different
Blue Smiley flip return
feeble little horse Chores Hayday

let's talk about boys

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Music you listen to at your post semi-formal 6th grade dance sleepover.
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