Finding My Marbles on Fri 2/3/23

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Macabre Plaza Middle of Nowhere Remember Me? EP from MP
Launder Chipper Happening
Her Head's On Fire Common Shame College Rock and Clove Cigarettes
Deeper Spray Paint Auto-Pain
Cathedral Bells Eighth Wonder of the World Eighth Wonder of the World
Softcult Drain Drain
Floats Dancing With Our Feet Dancing With Our Feet
White Lung Tomorrow Premonition
watergh0st Apathy Blood Girl
Grocery Boy No One Cares No One Cares new but not on shelves
Doused Untitled Murmur (Extended)
Yura Yura Teikoku Ohayo Mada Yaro Hollow Me
Sunnbrella Fever Dream Fever Dream
Blondshell Veronica Mars Veronica Mars new but not on shelves
Bass Drum of Death Such a Bore Bass Drum of Death
Strange Boutique Drown The Loved One
The Criticals Under Your Nose Sour Grapes

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