Auditory Piledriver on Wed 2/22/23

Artist Title Album
Modern Baseball Broken Cash Machine You're Gonna Miss it All
Pinkshift Love Me Forever Love Me Forever
Frat Mouse closure closure
Fleshwater Kiss the Ladder We're Not Here to Be Loved
Turnstile Generator Time & Space
Cap'n Jazz Little League Analphabetapolothology
Hot Mulligan I Fell in Love With Princess Peach I Fell in Love With Princess Peach
Black Country, New Road Up Song 'Live At Bush Hall'
Dashbord Confessional Hands Down A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar
Jeff Rosenstock Beers Again Alone We Cool?
L.S. Dunes It Takes Time Past Lives
Oolong Roxies and Cigarrettes About Your Imaginary Friend
Carly Cosgrove Not My Job Woah, Just Take It Easy Man
The Beths I Told You That I Was Afraid Expert In A Dying Field
Elephant Jake Still Care Goodness to Honest
Feel Good Slowthai UGLY
Hollywood Baby 100 gecs 10,000 gecs

Auditory Piledriver

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