Finding My Marbles on Fri 3/3/23

Artist Title Album Label New Local
wych elm Monkey Jaw Rat Blanket
TV Priest Lifesize Lifesize
Calm The Spirits Fall Upon The Wheel To Turn The Spokes With Angel Grace When I Am Gone With Broken Wings The Spirits Fall To Take My Place 12"
SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE You Are Arrived YOU ARE ARRIVED (but you've been cheated)
Sally Dige It's You I'm Thinking Of It's You I'm Thinking Of
Sara Tea Heaven Knows Songs for Discarded Souls
SASAMI Sorry Entertainer Squeeze
125 Rue Montmartre Disco Hijack Discography
CVC Sophie Get Real
Softcult Love Song Love Song new, not on shelves
Male Tears Belladonna Trauma Club
Strawberry Fuzz Sugar Strongs Dr
Sophia Chablau e Uma Enorme Perda de Tempo Idas e Vindas do Amar Idas e Vindas do Amar
Psycada Halal Hiking Lung
Jets to Brazil Resistance is Futile Orange Rhyming Dictionary

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